When Masks Slip

Posted on Wed 25 May 2022 in comedy • Tagged with tans, comedy, classics

Another week, another culture war/comedy crossover. This time it is the arrival of a hotly, er, anticipated return to the screen of one Ricky Gervais, in what has been billed in some quarters as Netflix's most transphobic show yet. Still, I'm not just interested in this phenomenon as a …

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Trans History and Bad History

Posted on Thu 14 April 2022 in trans • Tagged with trans, comedy, tragedy, history

Timing has never been my strong point, and so now that LGBT History Month has gone by, it is the obvious time to write a post about trans history. There are two main reasons for me doing so now. First, a couple of pieces of mine have recently emerged, one …

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The Death of Comedy, Again?

Posted on Tue 21 December 2021 in comedy • Tagged with comedy

Once again the death of comedy has been announced. On this occasion, one-time national treasure Maureen Lipman, still most famous for a British Telecom advert, has asserted (apparently without any examples) that punishment for saying socially unacceptable things was in danger of ending careers and indeed comedy itself more generally …

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